Conversational Textile Patterns

From sketch to pattern: the illustrations become beautiful surface patterns that bring apparel and interior design products to life.

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Silvana Mariani is a textile design pioneer with an elegant signature style. She says “part of this job is to find the right balance between surprising with something new, meeting the immediate desires of an everchanging audience, and celebrating the past through a fresh interpretation of needs.“

The first step in her idiosyncratic process of designing a print collection is the free exploration of a theme from an illustrator’s point of view. This results in a number of pictures, ranging from still lifes and fashion illustrations to decor, landscapes, and interiors.

She literally creates mood boards, playing around with her drawings, adding short poems to capture her inspiration and feelings, and matching digital color painted palettes. She then cuts out some parts to form patterns.

Her graphic inclination to recompose, adjust colors, and build repetition for all-overs then comes into play. Lastly, the proportions are adjusted based on the desired application (fashion, wallpaper, ceramics, etc.), revealing her personal style/inclination as a creative director.

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The “Dragonfly” Collection.
(4 + designs)

Arbusti Pattern by Open Toe Illustration
Dragonfly Geometric Pattern by Open Toe Illustration
Pattern Design by Silvana Mariani
Textile pattern by Silvana Mariani
Groovie Safron Pistil texture by Silvana Mariani

The “J” Collection.
(2 designs)

Earings detalil pattern by Silvana Mariani

The Glam Food Collection.
(6 + designs)

The Beauty Collection.
(2 Designs)

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