Silvana Mariani is textile design explorer with an elegant signature style.

From sketch to pattern: Illustrations become beautiful surface patterns to decore appareal and interior design products.

“Part of this job is to find balance between the aspects of surprise with something new, give the everchanging audience what they need in the moment and celebrate the past with fresh interpretation of musts.“

The first step of her peculiar process when designing a print collection is the free exploration of a theme/subject from the point of view of the illustrator. This produce an amount of pictures, from still life, to fashion illustration, to decor details of any kind of muse, to landscape or interior spots.

She literally creates moodboards, playing around with her drawings, adding short poems to fix inspiration feelings and matching digital color painted palettes. Then she cuts out some parts to make them patterns.

Here comes the graphic attitude to recompose, adjust colors, and build repetitions for allovers. Final fix about proportions is based on the willing applications (fashion, wallpapers, ceramics, …) and revel her personal taste of creative direction.

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The “Dragonfly” Collection.
(4 + designs)

The “J” Collection.
(2 designs)

The Glam Food Collection.
(6 + designs)