Red Dress, fashion illustration by Silvana Mariani
Bolero, fashion illustration by Silvana Mariani
Black ring, Still life illustration by Silvana Mariani
Fashion Illustration pattern dress by Silvana Mariani
Fashion Portrait by Silvana Mariani


Today Fashion is art for everybody, literally. It generates beauty in real life and involves feelings and messages.
If we consider clothes pieces of art – or at least good design, people will start choosing them carefully, caring for them and wearing them for years.
Buy less, change your market habits, fight consumerism. Make the world better.

The Hat Club

The Hat Club

Fashion Illustration freely inspired by Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant, Fendi, Balenciaga.

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Tipe da festa di Natale, Cover

Tipe da festa di Natale

Illustration Book / Libro illustrato
Printed in limited series of 100 pieces

Frida's Heart Tee, ph D. E. Zanardi

Frida’s heart T-shirt

Frida’s Heart by Open Toe Illustration celebrates the fascinating work of Frida Kahlo. Wear it on a T-shirt for its strong visual impact or for the meaning to stay true to your heart, vision and creativity.

Stationery Card

Le Tipe – stationery card

Le Tipe – Stationery special edition

Dancing With Myself maxi size

Dancing with myself

DANCING BY MYSELF by Silvana Mariani x Open Toe Illustration. Artwork available in different colors and sizes – up to maxi 100x70cm.

Forest Green Coat - postcard print

Forest Green Coat

FOREST GREEN COAT by Silvana Mariani x Open Toe Illustration. Art print 15×20 cm size.

Red skirt - postcard print

Red Skirt

RED SKIRT by Silvana Mariani x Open Toe Illustration. Art print 15×20 cm size.

Open Toe Illustration is Still Life, Fashion and Textile Illustration.

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