Listen with your eyes.

In this richly creative era, Open Toe Illustration is whispering untold stories of beauty with the language of color.

We’re on a mission to bring illustration to the real world and disclose the elegance that clean images bring about.


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At Open Toe Illustration, we embrace the energy and opportunities of working digitally but also love the tactility of surfaces and maintaining physical contact with our creations.

We believe that all good images have the power to influence our feelings with their rhythm and emotional potential.

Images speak to both our minds and souls with explicit or subliminal messages. That’s why we seek uniqueness and imperfection. The challenge is to accept others and feel accepted while improving ourselves and the things around us.


Today Fashion is art for everybody, literally. It generates beauty in real life and involves feelings and messages.
If we consider clothes pieces of art – or at least good design, people will start choosing them carefully, caring for them and wearing them for years.
Buy less, change your market habits, make the world a better place.

  • Signature style
  • Unconventional subjects
  • Delicate with feelings
  • Color vibrations
  • Cultural fusion & collision of styles
  • Rare is better than done

SILVANA MARIANI | Illustrator & Creative Director of Open Toe Illustration

“My references are fluid and constantly evolving. Stylistically I always felt involved in finding a balance between proposing myself with consistency and renewing myself with freedom.”

The creative mind behind Open Toe is that of Silvana Mariani, a Milan-based designer and illustrator.

Her distinctive approach to color and sign results in simple images with a sophisticated allure.

Her professional approach to work, creative vision, and gentle human touch make her a person you’ll love to work with.

She received traditional education in graphics and advertising at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), then specialized in illustration and attended courses and workshops at Kent Institute of Art & Design in the UK (University for the Creative Arts), Disney Academy Italia, and MiMaster.

Aka Open Toe Illustration, she has been drawing glamour and textiles since 2012 using digital techniques and an unconventional pop style that is both elegant and colorful.

Illustrations have been collectively exhibited in Milano at Palazzo delle Stelline and Museo della Triennale and have been awarded with a Fashion Research Italy’s honorable mention for T-shirt Design.

Collaborations include Marie Claire; Rivista Studio; L’Officiel; Glamour; Elle; Vogue; Pomellato; Pupa; Missoni; Bulgari.

In 2021 Silvana hosted a lecture at Scuola di Design del Politecnico di Milano and wrote an essay about fashion illustrations most recent scenario.


Mixing contemporary visions with heritage references, Open Toe Illustration creates image collections that are meaningful of our times.

The effortless images convey the sense of surprise and freedom that only imperfections can bring. 


Propelled by her Milanese background, Silvana approaches textiles from the point of view of a fashion illustrator, aiming to promote elegance in unconventional ways.

Silvana always finds a personal way to give voice to upcoming trends.