Yoga decor


Open Toe Illustration x AMPHIRI | Textile illustrations

CHIN Mudra
The brand AMPHIRI has choosen four mudra illustrations to introduce mindfulness in interiors and launch its printed silk and velvet cushions collection.
Balcony view - AMPHIRI

Picture courtesy of AMPHIRI | Ph.: Elisa Casanova | Styling: Table Top Milano

Anjali mudra in butter yellow on a grey background stands with the brand logo on one side of the soft double face Shavasana blanket.
Padma Mudra, AMPHIRI official IG

Production consultancy Studio019

YOGA DECOR, Prithvi Mudra by Silvana Mariani

Prithvi mudra, the practice of trust

YOGA DECOR, Anjali Mudra by Silvana Mariani

Anjali mudra, the practice of harmony

Yoga textile design by Silvana Mariani

Amphiri, all over pattern detail