From sketch to pattern

Illustrations become beautiful surface patterns to decore appareal and interior design products. Scroll down and enjoy the cult collection of surface designs by Open Toe.

XOXO mouth surface pattern by Open Toe Illustration

XOXO, Open Toe.

XOXO pattern is a simple repetition of the famous Georgia May Jagger's mouth. The original illustration portrait has been posted over the blog by the article "That Mouth".
The lips theme is an established trend, but the unique sign of the Open Toe gives character and originality to the subject. Rock look is a perfect match with such a muse!

"That mouth" double portrait of Georgia May Jagger fine art print is available over Saatchiart.

Double portrait print of Georgia May Jagger by Open Toe Illustration

The muse

"That mouth" double portrait of Georgia May Jagger fine art print is available over Saatchiart.

Blueberry surface design by Open Toe Illustration

Glam Food Collection

In Glam Food surface design collection the ingredients are mixed and painted for give life to new esthetic and synesthesia: color, form and taste collaborate in stimulating new kind of sensations.

Glam Food collection is the right choice for who wants to look appetizing: Sexy like a good Marsala wine, peculiar like a pearl in a shell, intense as the scent of vanilla, juicy like a ripe berry, amazing as a potato chip.
Wearing these designs a woman may feel at a party or in harmony with the whole universe, ready to share the experience.

The collection's designs investigate food as entertainment form and play with the beauty of natural and fresh ingredients. Different subjects are unified through the use of a shared color palette and same schemes of patterns repetition.

Food Glam Collection is available for licencing. Discover all patterns here.

Lipstick Pattern from Dior beauty illustration by Open Toe Illustration

Lipstick Pattern

Lipstick is a subtle beauty inspired collection, feminine and elegant. The basic illustration motive is a Dior lipstick. The typical Open Toe's sketched sign delineates nervous lights and reflections alternate by soft shadows.

Jasmin Tea served in Open Toe lipstick illustrated mug

Tea time

Lipstick Mug looks perfetct at tea time! You're going to find the wall clock too (you wouldn't loose the break, don't you?) if you look through Society6.

Silk fabric with Open Toe Lipsick Pattern print on the table

Silky prints

Printed on silk Lipstick pattern should become a beautiful scarf.

The original sketch of Dior Lipstick by Open Toe Illustration

Charmante Postcards

Lipstick giclée postcard print is sold out at Boutique Open Toe! Write me if you want one...